New Product Offerings

New Product Offerings

Undercarriage Replacement Wheels 

There are many reasons why undercarriage wheels fail – from the low-tear properties of rubber and track misalignment, to heavy loads, long runs, and high speeds causing excessive heat build-up that breaks the compound and the steel hub. We have a solution: revolutionary cost-saving technology for bogie and idler wheels.

Save Time and Money

  • Our site-proven wheels will save you more than 30% compared to buying new replacements. Our wheels will also outlast new replacement wheels up to 4 times longer!

Why Our Wheels Last Longer

  • Our polyurethane is engineered to provide maximum cut and tear strength.    
  • A low coefficient of friction from the polyurethane eliminates heat build-up and bond failure.
  • Our polyurethane is also UV-stable and resistant to diesel fuels and other harmful solvents.

No Bond Failures

  • Proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent bond failures.
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.

Longest Wear Life

  • Polyurethane compound is engineered to generate less heat, reduce chunking, and provide the highest cut and tear resistance.

Resist the Elements

  • Unlike rubber, polyurethane is resistant to oils, UV, weak acids, diesel fuel, moisture, and more.

Extended Rubber Track Life

  • Lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration. Tough polyurethane will not capture debris and score the track.


STX Axles

Reman quality axles will last longer and save you money

  • 100% disassembled to the component level
  • 100% replacement with new OEM bearings
  • Assembled to the latest engineering advancements with larger axle shafts and upgraded OEM parts
  • Rotationally tested for differential lock and park brake
  • 100% leak tested

Reman axles are backed by a strong warranty

  • 12-month warranty on parts and labor when installed at an authorized Case IH dealership

Quick availability

  • Axles are readily available and shipped quickly to keep you running and reduce downtime

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