Continuous Quality Improvements

Continuous Quality Improvements

Rotating Electrical

4-Lobe Roller Improvements

Throughout 2014, CNH Industrial Reman reviewed failure modes with 4-lobe roller drive in the Denso and Lucas starters. While the starters’ performance matched stringent CNH Industrial Reman specifications, our engineering team felt they could make even more improvements to reduce unnecessary wear due to slippage.

After several hundred hours of research and rigorous testing, we upgraded the 4-lobe roller drive to 5-lobe roller drive. With this upgrade, we saw that problems associated with the drives slipping were drastically reduced.

To further improve the quality of the newly created 5-lobe roller drive, CNH Industrial Reman implemented upgrades to the field coils; proven to protect the Denso and Lucas starters from shorting issues.

We consistently strive to offer best-in-class Reman parts and service and all starters remanufactured after March 2015 will have these improvement modifications. Through these improvements we attain our goal of providing customers with the best in remanufactured products.

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